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REMify Your Typography

I've been making excuses for years to use px on my font-sizes. Deep inside i know it's wrong. And in this post i will show how i made the move and how i made it so simple i feel lazy everytime i use it. I'm using SASS, i'm sure it's easy to do a similar system in LESS. Ires method It all started with this article. If you, like me, suppress the proper way to use font-size and need a little brushing up on that front. I recommend reading the whole thing. Otherwise, scroll to the "My Method" part. Basically she sets the base font (the html element) to 62.5% which is 10px in most cases. This makes it...

Getting Back to Visual Studio

The way i have been working with Umbraco in the past is with webmatrix. Everything was very basic. Downloaded the latest zipped version from Our Umbraco, unzipped, rename unzipped folder to project name, right click on said folder and Open as website with Microsoft Webmatrix. I have an external MSSQL database but everything else was kind of "out of the box". Why Visual Studio? I never got Webmatrix to work well with NuGet. Either it just didn't fire up or it slowed down Webmatrix so bad i couldn't work with it. As more and more Umbraco packages get NuGet support it really would streamline a lot of the work process to get it to work. So I've been trying to...